Insurance and reinsurance

Our partners have developed state-of-the-art skill in drafting and analysing policies as well as insurance management in the context of prudential regulations, audits and relations with regulatory authorities. We assist reinsurers, retrocessionnaires and captive insurance companies in conducting all their business activities.



Product Liability, Professional Liability, Directors and Officers personal liability, Construction, Credit insurance and Political Risk insurance
  • Analysis of insurance policies
  • Advice insurance coverage
  • Drafting of policies
  • Litigation
  • Advice and defence of insurance intermediaries
  • Subrogatory action of insurers
  • Auditing of insurance companies
  • Relation with regulatory authorities
  • Insurance insolvency
  • International insurance programs

Reinsurance and service to captive insurance companies

  • Drafting and analysis of reinsurance treaties
  • Litigation regarding treaty reinsurance and facultative reinsurance
  • Provides legal advice on the setting-up and functioning of reinsurance and captive insurance companies
  • Performs audit for captive and reinsurance companies
  • Recent matter highlights include:
    • Gap financing
    • Dealing with Regulatory and Justice Authorities on finite issues
    • ICC, ad hoc and CEFAREA Arbitration


Insurance and Europe

  • Advice and support to European players entering the French market (insurance companies and insurance intermediaries)
  • Review of insurance policy wording
  • Claims portfolio management outsourcing


Life Insurance

  • Life insurance product information and arrangements and review of their compliance with regulation
  • Review of insurance policy wording
  • Court litigation and arbitration