Me. Aldo A. AlvarezMe. Aldo A. Alvarez

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  • Aldo Alberto Alvarez is an Argentinian Lawyer whose main areas of specialization are insurances and reinsurances.
    Lawyer graduated at University of Buenos Aires (UBA), Argentina in 1987.
    As from 1987 Aldo Alvarez is founding partner of “Estudio Jurídico Dr. Aldo A. Alvarez” a legal office which specializes in insurance and reinsurance cases, with a client portfolio both at local as well as at international level.
    Former President of the Development and Support Board of the International Judicial Academy.
    President of the Institute for “Instituto para el Desarrollo de la Justicia, el Seguro y la Economía de la Asociación de Aseguradoras Argentinas” [Institute for the Development of Justice, Insurance and Economy of the Argentine Association of Argentine Insurance Companies]


  • Insurance and Reinsurance
    • Representation of insurance companies in claims.
    • Representation of (re)insured, insurers and/or reinsurers in major claims.
    • Representation of (re)insured, insurers and/or reinsurers before competent authorities.
    • Legal Assistance to draw up insurance policies and reinsurance coverage of different risks.
  • Disputes
    • Management of judicial and out of court complex disputes with different parties (physical persons, big local and international companies)
    • Management and arrangement of judicial and out of court compromises of complex disputes.
    • Assistance and representation of industrial groups and/or private individuals before international jurisdictions together with a net of collaborators around the world.
    • Coordination of defense during multi-jurisdictional judicial proceedings.
    • Enforcement of judgements and arbitral awards in Latin America, France and abroad.
  • Civil and Professional Responsibility
    • Management of judicial and out of court cases related to civil and professional responsibility
    • Legal advice on the scope and coverage of responsibility of civil policies.
    • Management of claims arising from policies of Professional Civil Responsibility before Insurance Companies
  • Health Law
    • Legal advice to medical institutions and doctors in medicine on topics related to administration and prevention of risks, and tailoring, management and filing of medical histories.
  • Surety Insurance
    • Legal advice regarding the extent, nature and coverage of surety insurance.
    • Legal advice on the management of client portfolio and handling of loss in surety insurance.


  • Insurances and Reinsurances
  • Civil Responsibility and Professional Responsibility
  • Health Insurance
  • Surety Insurance


  • Spanish
  • English